Language - Idioma

An intense questions and answers challenge!

Face very diverse topics, both educative and leisure, on challenges that will test your limits. How far can you get?

Lots of game modes!

Relaxed Mode

Focus on just one topic and without time restrictions. Will you be able to answer all the questions?


Try to answer all the questions you can with a limited number of lives. And watch out if you go far, you will have less and less time to answer!

Sudden Death

Extreme Stamina! Only one mistake and you are out! How many questions would you be able to answer?

Time Trial

Let's see how many questions you can do in time! Go fast to gain even more seconds!

Mind Chaos

Very strange things are happening with the questions and the screen... Focus!

Compete with people all around the globe!

Duel Mode

Find a random opponent or challenge your friends and steal their points! Win lots of games to increase your rank and gain more points per question!

Share the results with the world!


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