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Explore the world and find the lost jewels!

This is a non-linear adventure!

Move the green character around the landscapes from a 2D top-down perspective and try to find your way. And you can enter the scenarios and get the jewels in the order you want, like in lots of beloved open world games!

Get more powers!

Ice, fire, thunder and other useful powers will be hidden in treasure chests in the most unexpected (or expected) places. They will be necessary to progress through the stages! This world is full of puzzles!

Improve your abilities!

That's the RPG touch of the game! Destroy the enemies in your way to earn points that can be used to improve your life points, magic or power!

Face the bosses!

Dangerous jerks await you! They guard the jewels you must get, so be careful!

Help this poor green character!

Aww! This poor green guy doesn´t remember anything! Don't you want to give it a hand?


Green guy? The protagonist doesn't even have a name?

Shhhhh! That's a secret!

By the way, don't worry! There's a lore in this game that you'll find out if you read something around there!

I hope the price isn't very abusive...

You're lucky! It's FREE! And you can download it on your PC!

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